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Chapter 5: War

Kaden engages the attacking gang members while having recollections of his past.


» Permanent new home.

Some of you might have realized now that SIN has a permanent new home at, however, I will continue to update Chapter previews here on smackjeeves and reply to questions/comments.

So please feel free to continue becoming a "fan" here but don't forget to leave something at mangamagazine as well!

» 800 fans for a preview of Chapter 6

As some of you may know by now, SIN will be moving from to a new exclusive home at when it launches.

In other words, Chapter 5 is the last thing I'll be posting on here but since this website has been so good to me I'll be willing to post some preview pages of Chapter 6 (no dialogue) if I reach 800 fans.

Anyway I hope you all the best and again, thank you very much for reading!

» Hiatus until end of April.

SIN will be on hiatus since I'll be busy creating illustrations for an upcoming portfolio show, comic convention and other classes in Art College.

Don't worry though, once April draws to an end SIN will be back full swing again with more drawings/updates than ever~

Thanks for your support,

» Some Feedback!

Dear Readers,

When you're writing a story the author often lacks the insight or the ability to view their own work from a reader's perspective. That's why there are proof-readers and editors; well, I don't have either.

So what would you all like to see more of? The setting, environment, maybe even history of the world? Character back-story? More action?

Obviously you'd like to see more of everything, but what are you all really aching to read about from SIN the most?

Much appreciated,

» Lets get 500 fans before chapter 4 ends! 8D

I'm surprised I went from 300-400 fans so quickly, haha. I guess numbers increase exponentially here or something.

Anyway, thanks a lot for the readership! I honestly believe that Chapter 5 will be a much better read both in story and in art quality. (Tweaking the script as this is written~)

So until chapter 4 ends (which won't be for another 20 pages thanks to my poor planning) you guys have that to look forward to. Besides, who doesn't want to see Zerus kick more ass :>

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